Banana Slug

Name: Banana Slug

Description: The banana slug is often bright yellow but it may also be a light brown. Sometimes, they have large black spots. 

Place in Food Chain: Herbivores

Habitat: Banana slugs live in the floors of forests in the Pacific Northwest. They need a damper environment because they breathe through their skin. 

Diet: Since banana slugs are herbivores they eat leaves, animal droppings, fungi and mushrooms. 

Fun Facts: The colour of a banana slug may change by what they have eaten, if they are injured or what age they are.  Slugs are also decomposers and they spread seeds around the forest. 

Time Travel

The other day my dad was telling me about something he read.  He said that some researchers were trying to find evidence that time travel is possible.  What they did was they made a computer program that would search for posts that said something was going to happen before it did.  Unfortunately nothing came up.  But wouldn’t that be so cool if someone could prove that time travel existed!

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was so inspirational to everyone.  He died on December 5th.  I’m going to attempt to explain what he did and why he is so amazing.  Nelson Mandela lived in Mvezo, South Africa.  He stood up for the equality of African American’s, and for racism .  He was sent to an island where for 27 years, where he worked smashing rocks.  He was a threat to the government because he was getting all the African American’s more engaged and aware of what was happening.  After 27 years he was released in 1990.  He then became the president of South Africa for four years.  He was one of the five honorary citizens of Canada.

He was crazy amazing.

This is the tribute video to Nelson Mandela from Free the Children

My trip to We day


I’m going to tell you a little bit about what happened when I went to We day at Rogers Arena!

On October 18th (I think) me and other students from my school went to we day.  I had to write a letter to submit to the office talking about why I wanted to go to We Day and what I would do after going.  I was really excited when I got chosen to go.  On the day of the concert we took a bus to get to Rogers arena.  When we got there it was super busy because thousands of other students and teachers from different schools were all trying to get in.  Eventually after waiting in the cold for a while, we got in and found out that it was so much busier inside.  We had to push and shove to get around.  There were people in booths where you could take quizzes and sign up for different organizations.

When we finally got to our seats, all I could see and hear was a huge stage, lights and so many people shouting and screaming.  It was crazy.  There was music blasting.  When We Day started everybody screamed and cheered.  There were so many excited people.  The two hosts came on stage and told us about We Day and who we were going to see.  There were so many people who were going to speak and inspire us.  Here are some of my favourites: Kofi Annan, Craig and Marc Kielburger, Martin Luther King the third, Hannah Alper, Molly Burke and Spencer West.

Kofi Annan was the former Secretary-General of the United Nations who also jointly won the noble peace prize in 2001.  “You can make a difference, go out and do it. Individuals have power and they should use it,” he said.  Craig and Marc Kielburger were also hosting we day.  They are both founders of the charity organization free the children and they started we day.  They interviewed lots of different speakers and they got the crowd so excited.  Martin Luther King the third is the grand son of Martin Luther King who stood up for African American’s racism and equality.  “I have a dream” he stated.  Before Martin Luther King the third came on there was a tribute video that was so inspiring, showing what he did and what he wanted to accomplish.  Martin Luther King the third is also a human rights advocate.

Hannah Alper was a young inspirational speaker who started a blog about all of her different passions like social action, the environment and different people who inspire her.  Molly Burke is someone who I especially admire.  She is visually impaired and she shared a story of something that happened on her birthday.  She is a speaker who talks about bullying.  And finally Spencer West who is an ambassador for free the children.  He is a double amputee who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro without his legs, only on his hands and in his wheelchair in 2012.  He is also an author of the book Standing Tall.

I had so much fun at We Day and I was so inspired to do so many things.  I hope I get to go again!